Thursday, November 15, 2012

White gallery wall

I jumped on the gallery wall bandwagon this fall. I've been swooning over pictures on Pinterest of various gallery walls and thought it would be a cool way to liven up our entry wall. These are some of my inspirations:

Young House Love
Thrifty and Chic
Tatertots & Jello

This was a fairly involved project. I wanted an eclectic, yet uniform look. (Is that even possible?) I decided to go with all white frames (i.e., uniform) in different styles (i.e, eclectic). I found most of the frames at Target, Michaels, or AC Moore.

It is surprisingly hard to find white frames in unique shapes. After a lot of frustration, I decided to improvise. I found some shapes that I liked and spray painted the frames white. Easy-peasy.

I didn't want to put a ton of holes in our walls while I got the layout right, so I traced the frame shapes on white paper. Then I taped the papers to the walls. Over the next week, I moved the papers around until I decided on the arrangement. Then I was ready to get hanging!

I ended up using the 3M Sawtooth picture hangers for most of the lower pictures. These are holding up all the pictures, without showing the hooks at the back of the pictures. Voila!

This wall is still a work in progress. I think I'm going to add 2-3 more small frames to fill in a couple of the gaps. I wasn't sure which pictures I wanted to use in all the frames, so I added the craft paper to buy myself some time to decide, while still making the wall look nice.

Over the next few weeks, I'll go into more detail on some of these pictures that I put together.

Click here to see more of my gallery wall inspiration pictures on Pinterest. Yes, I made a whole board devoted to gallery wall ideas!

Have you put any focused Pinterest boards together like this?


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