Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall banners

I've always been a fan of paper crafts. I get downright gleeful when I'm in the craft store picking out scrapbook paper. For this project, I wanted to make a banner using supplies that I already had.

I liked the idea of doing a Halloween banner. I was even entertaining the idea about doing a black and silver themed mantel this year. However, there's something about fall greens, oranges, and yellows that makes me happy. So I decided to make a softer banner.

One of my inspirations:

Here's my banner:

And here's a picture of the completed mantel:

To make the banner, I used all supplies I already had:

  • Various scrapbook paper
  • Green ribbon
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors and paper cutter
  • Chipboard letters
I measured the triangles using a ruler--the sides were 6 inches long and the top side was 4 inches long. I used a mini hole punch to make two holes toward the middle of the triangles (I measured these to make them even). I then threaded the ribbon through the holes. After that, I attached the chipboard letters with glue dots onto round paper circles to make them stand out a little more against the scrapbook paper. I then tied the ribbon to the bases of my candle holders and used some fall floral picks to cover the ties.


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