Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Cleaning and Organization Challenge - 2015

Are you ready for spring? One rite of passage I enjoy each year is spring cleaning. There's something about cleaning the window sills and airing out the house that helps put the cold winter behind me.

To help myself and readers make the most of spring cleaning, I put together a calendar to bring you all the way from the first day of spring to the last day of spring. There are different chores and projects for most days to get you through the next three . I didn't include routine chores, like washing dishes or routine bathroom cleaning. I focused on chores that I never seem to prioritize, but that would make a big difference in my house.

Whether you own a home or live in an apartment, you can adapt this calendar to meet your needs. You can download the calendar and use it as is or adapt it to meet your needs.

Spring Cleaning and Organization Challenge Rules!

* The challenge starts on March 20 and ends on June 20.

1. Refer to the links to the calendars at the bottom of this post. Feel free to substitute items if one or more of the items don't make sense for your home.

2. Work ahead (or behind) as needed. The main goal is to finish all items by the end of each week and the entire calendar by the end of spring.

3. Go to the Missy Inspired Facebook page and click "Like." Feel free to Share this post on Facebook with your friends. Comment on this post by 3/20 to sign up for the Spring Cleaning and Organization Challenge. Post your progress every few days and share the challenge with your friends!

4. Keep up with your regular cleaning. I didn't include standard cleaning items on this calendar because I wanted to focus on the items that I never seem to complete. Here is my typical schedule:

- Load and run dishwasher
- Clean and wipe down counters
- Clean and wipe down dining room table
- Take out the trash
- Make the beds (mornings)

- Sweep the floors
- Mop the floors, if needed

Twice monthly:
- Clean the bathrooms
- Vacuum
- Change bed sheets


Download and edit Excel files - you can download this file, then save and edit it on your desktop.

Download PDFs for each month:


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  2. I love to deep clean. But since I work in tax, it’s usually May before I can find enough time. Then it’s bordering on being TOO hot if we’ve gone straight from winter to summer, so many years I deep clean in the fall.

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  3. It’s great that you are keeping up these kinds of posts, with the itemized calendar as guide. Spring cleaning can be an overwhelming activity, with how the tasks could tend to overlap with each other. It might be best to start out in one area, rather than tackling everything in one go. That way, you’re sure that you can focus on one thing until it is finished. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    Nathan Riley @ Steemer Atlanta

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  5. Doing something without a specific plan is like walking on a path with no direction. Well, it's good to know that you have a calendar of activities. I'm sure that will make your cleaning easier, organized and efficient. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea! All the best to you!

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  6. Good to see your Spring cleaning scheduling game on point. Not a lot of people are adept at this kind of task. I'm sure this will help others get their scheduling chops right. Thanks for sharing!

    Frank George @ Dutch Hollow Supplies

  7. I really found this very useful. Spring makes the perfect time to clean the entire house. Using a calendar like this one allows to you do a certain task on a given day and stay organized at the same time. This is an excellent idea that I plan to use each year from now on.

    German Zollinger @ Total Clean Equip

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